Kim and Chris!

Canadian “Fall” season is one of the unique season of its one, that is famous all around the world. Bride Night Photography, best in Toronto, will now show you the spectrum of colors of Maple Leaves captured in a frame along with the beautiful coupe Kim and Chris. To be wedlock couple’s engagement shoot was done in Unionville in Markham city with nice variety of maple leaves with different colors gave a romantic feeling and added a touch of love into their life.

It was a perfect day, without any hindrance of sunlight and clouds were acting like natural filters giving a uniform light all over the scene. Wooden bench, different colored maple leaves trees and brick wall structures gave a vintage flavor to the frame. Sometimes a photographer has to think out of the box and be creative to make a difference in delivering pictures more than the normal ones. One of such picture below is enhanced black and white image with boiling red door, was like adding a pinch of salt to the food. Enjoy a whole stack of some of the lavish shots below.