Shivanie and Satesh!

Unionville is superb for the photo shoot!

Nestled in the northeast corner of the Greater Toronto Area, in the heart of the thriving City of Markham, is an unexpected gem of a heritage village — and a great place to share with friends and family. The historic village of Unionville attracts thousands of visitors each year. Whether you live in the area and come to town often or are visiting for the first time, there’s plenty to discover along the charming Main Street.

Let’s witness one more exotic photoshoot, conducted by Bride Night Photography of lovely couple
Shivanie & Satish.

Bride Night Photography converted a super rainy day into fully studded Bollywood theme based photoshoot. Shivanie & Satish felt like two special lovers when this photo turned out to be like Aashique 2’s song “Tum hi Ho”

Cross color tone gives a retro effect, when gorgeous bride is enjoying in rain with such innocence, making the album much special.

Bride Night photography gives the couple more enhancing looks by de-saturating the background, with neat and precise editing.

There are no words to describe the how much joy Bright Night Photography got right from capturing each time frame of this special day in the life of Shivanie & Satish to transforming them into gorgeous pictures keeping those moments still alive