Alicia and Sunjyot:

Bride’s Night Wedding Photography invites you to yet another wedding sensation of gorgeous couple Alicia and Sunjyot from Wood bridge, Ontario. Photographers and editors at Bride Night Wedding Photography have given special attention to each and every resultant picture that would be in the series of pearls in Alicia and Sunjyot’s Wedding Album.
Bride Night Wedding Photography’s creative team have developed different effects like Lomo effect and low saturated vintage effect for different pictures, giving them a dynamic look over client’s eyes.
Scarlet Red traditional dress and diamond studded jewelry of bride was specially enlightened by Lomo effect created by Bride Night Photography’s creative team. Lomo effect is created by creating a Vignette and giving a burnt gradient fill that will enhance the center object. While details of Sunjyot’s traditional dress were captured with high focusing lens and direct flash effect.
Following are some of the precious pearls ultimately combining into a life living album:

A photographer must capture each every mood of event as if it is still going on right in front of client’s eyes. Bride Night Wedding Photography’s experts took special attention in taking every emotion like giggles of little children, blushing on newbie bride, excitement in bridesmaids, tears of happiness in parents’ eyes, enthusiasm in groom, joy in groom’s best man and every moment that contribute in this wedding.

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Thus, with this note till next time we meet keep taking pictures!