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Bride’s Night Wedding Photography-

Casa Loma!

Once upon a time, In Netherlands: How Mo met Susan   wedding photographer Toronto

How far are you willing to go for your future spouse? Well according to Mo, nothing short of a body of water and a few land masses to set the bar high for the grooms that follow. Mo met Susan during a trip she had taken to visit her sister and nephew. Mo was living in the Netherlands at the time and Susan was travelling from Canada. It was love at first sight for Mo after seeking advice from his future sister in law, he found himself in Guelph, Ontario seeking approval from the parental unit. After getting the thumbs up, Mo moved his entire family, two parents, two sisters and two brothers to Canada. Now that’s a love story! wedding photographer Toronto

The couple had a big engagement party with around 250 guests, hosted at the Paradise Banquet Halls. Here’s a helpful tip for planning a wedding, make sure you know how many guests you’re going to have before booking the venue. This will save you from falling in love with an impractical space that won’t be able to accommodate. Enjoying this free advice? Alright, alright … one more! Ask your vendors for referrals. Your photographer has probably worked with a florist, a DJ, and few delicious bakeries #frostingfingers. If you’re in the business of discovering hidden gems than by all means continue the quest. However, if you just want a professional service to carry out your vision and relieve some of the stress … just ask. Wedding-Photographer-Toronto

Insert Decor

Insert Catering

Insert Live Band

See how easy that was?

Let’s get back to our couple of the hour, Mo & Susan. Vows were exchanged at the Chateau Le Jardin, located in Vaughan, a popular destination for all things wedding. This venue is fully equipped with high ceilings, luxurious ballrooms and the most enchanting add-ons (insert fireplace and walk out courtyard). Creating stunning imagery alongside this body of artistic expression was a dream – of course without our bride and groom, we wouldn’t even be here so, a big shout out to them for choosing Bride’s Night Photography. Wedding-Photographer-Toronto

Susan was easily captivating with her natural bridal glow, and just in case the glow were to wear off at any point … Makeup by Maryam was there to swoop in. Let’s face it, radiating from the inside out can grow tiresome, our bride deserves to be pampered and glammed up! Wedding-Photographer-Toronto

Make no mistake, our couple may be new to the marriage thing but they are certainly not rookies when it comes to making photographic GOLD. Cinderella didn’t just leave her glass slipper on any old stair right? Well I’ll bet if that castle were anything like Casa Loma, she would’ve left a few more personal belongings to retrieve at a later date. Located in Midtown Toronto, Casa Loma is now a historic museum and landmark, created in 1914 as a residence for Sir Henry Pellatt, a wealthy financier. We love that our beautiful couple found inspiration here because this photo shoot was clearly right up their alley! Next stop, another great provider of breathtaking backdrops … Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. We can think of another couple photographed beneath the willow and oak and we’re not mad at either one! There is just something extra enchanting and surreal about this municipal park, dare we compare to The Secret Garden? Considering how many different spots can be used to transform this park into a picture perfect setting, we’d say Frances Burnett was inspired. Wedding-Photographer-TorontoCapturing important moments in time ensures that your memories are kept alive and can always be referenced. The whole 48 hours are filled with loved ones telling you how beautiful and exquisite and perfect and delicious and entertaining and oh let’s not forget about how love was in the air right and everyone could smell it? We know our bride and groom don’t always have time to take in the ambiance of it all, so we make sure to capture the experience in its fullness. Your vision reflected is our number one priority. wedding photographer Toronto We wish our beautiful couple Mo and Susan nothing but success and happiness going forward. You truly deserve it.

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