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1 Nasya moved to Toronto from Upstate New York as a child so her father could be the Youth Director for the Church of God in Eastern Canada. During this time she met Jermain in church. They were in the choir and drama team together. Nasya’s family returned to the United States and her and Jermain did not keep in touch when she left. It was not until Nasya was moving back to Toronto as an adult, to attend college, that Jermain contacted her on Facebook. They exchanged numbers and he helped her settle into her new place. He took her to the grocery store, put her groceries away, cooked her dinner, and the rest is history! They dated for 9 years before getting married. Together they have a beautiful son who got to witness them declare their love for each other. Nasya’s father walked her down the isle and officiated the ceremony, it was beautiful. They hashtag their wedding #happilyevermartin and truly live up to this as they have never been happier.

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“A Day Loaded with Romance, Beauty and Excitement!

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Their wedding was stunning and photographically speaking, it is one of my favourite shoots thus far. I was happy to capture these precious moments for the bride and groom. I was blown away by the intricate details of the wedding decor and I am so excited to share them with the world.Toronto Wedding Photographer 27Nasya & Jermain Wedding Photography Toronto Toronto Wedding Photographer Toronto Wedding Photographer 25 It was a delight to work with these two Love Birds. They are very beautiful inside and out which makes for fun photos. They have their own style and it was my job as their photographer to ensure that it was incorporated in every picture taken. Just like the bride and groom, a photographer must also have good chemistry; I know how to blend my style with that of each couple I work with.Toronto Wedding Photographer 12 Toronto Wedding Photographer 7A Toronto Wedding Photographer 9 Toronto Wedding Photographer 10 Toronto Wedding Photographer 11 Toronto Wedding Photographer 13 Toronto Wedding Photographer 14

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As a photographer I aim to capture the moments that can tell a story without words. I want the bride and groom to be able to look at their photos 20 years later and relive all the magical moments over again. I enjoy when my bride and groom choose their favourite photographs and I meticulously arrange them into an elegant album; creating their love story.Toronto Wedding Photographer 20 Toronto Wedding Photographer 23

Weddings can be very stressful and sometimes things do not go as planned but it is my job to capture all the joy and happiness that transpires without retelling the mishaps. This couple was supposed to have a hot air balloon at their ceremony but it was cancelled due to it being a bit windy. Although this was truly a disappointment the photography that I have provided them with will forever be a reminder of how beautiful their venue was even without the hot air balloon. Captivating landscapes and utilization of props, such as the golf cart and golf club, made for outstanding substitutions for the highly anticipated balloon.Toronto Wedding Photographer 21a Toronto Wedding Photographer 24 Toronto Wedding Photographer 28

A wedding is a whirlwind for a bride and groom and often times they walk away from it curious if their guests truly enjoyed themselves. Candid photos allow the couple to look back and see the moments their family and friends smiled, laughed, and danced. It also allows them the opportunity to really take in the elegant decor. This bride was really happy to have pictures of her “in loving memory tree” as she made it herself. I enjoy when I capture something that a couple is overjoyed to see. Being present and in the moment makes it easy to get those perfect shots.Toronto Wedding Photographer 29 Toronto Wedding Photographer 30