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Shabnam and Tamim:

Meet this beautiful couple, the stunning bride Shabnam and the handsome groom Tamim. After many years of being together, Shabnam and Tamim decided to say ‘I Do’ with a lavish celebration filled with family and friends on July 27th, 2018. This Toronto love story couldn’t be any more ideal, from the big city wedding to the gorgeous weather and location – and of course, Toronto’s top wedding photographer.

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These undeniably breathtaking photos are from the couple’s pre-wedding shoot, photographed at the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. This park is a staple of the community, legacy and heritage of our wonderful city of Toronto. The park was named in honor of Alexander Muir (1933), who composed the song ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’. This song is often viewed as a love song to Canada, almost as important as the national anthem itself! How fitting that our bride and groom celebrate their upcoming nuptials in a place that was founded on love and unity. Post photo session, it seems only fair that we petition city hall to include our lovebirds in this historical landmark. We hope to eventually see a ‘Tamim & Shabnam Forever’ decorative sign beside the entrance … we’ll keep you posted.

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Did we also mention how gorgeous the bride looks? Not that her already sensational features needed much assistance, but translating this beauty on camera requires a special kind of finesse, by way of cosmetic brush. Enter Makeup by Maryam, whose phenomenal work allowed us to capture the beauty and radiance that is Shabnam. There is nothing more transparent than a confident bride who is in love with not only her groom, but also herself. We are thrilled our bride was able to let loose in this photo shoot, despite the overwhelming stress that can be attached to tying the knot. From the hair and makeup, to the sleek black dress, piping hot white jumpsuit and bedazzled shoes, Shabnam gets 5 out of 5 stars!

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We even love that the couple is channeling their inner Allie and Noah, resembling the iconic ‘If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird’ scene from The Notebook.  Of course, our couple is much more chic and dressed to impress – which our groom, Tamim is clearly dominating the navy blue suit trend. Not only is blue the color of the sky and various majestic bodies of water, but it symbolizes a generational shift in tradition that is to be celebrated. It is a bold, fearless and undeniable statement of modernity, progression and fashion – it allows for the groom to have his own shine!

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Finding ways to compliment this couple is a walk in the park, Alexander Muir style to be exact – which previously mentioned, is a beautiful historical Toronto landmark that is just one of the many places that makes being a top wedding photographer in the city of Toronto all the more worthwhile.  In photography, location often serves as inspiration and can be the key element in transforming your photos into an extraordinary vision. All these things are true in wedding photography as well, with the added bonus of the expression of love, being conveyed through each individual couple in their own unique way.

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It is the responsibility of the photographer to capture this expression, ensuring that these images remain true and genuine for our couple. For example, maybe the couple had their first date at this very location. Was this place associated with a fond memory or tender moment that holds a deeper meaning for our couple? Could this be the spot where the bride actually uttered those illustrious three-letter, two syllable words? Whether or not the location has a history behind it, it will always and forever be commemorative for the couple because this is the destination they chose. They chose to start their wedding journey here, to look back and see what transpired after one brave soul got down on bended knee and asked their unsuspecting yet completely enamored counterpart ‘will you marry me?’ What a wonderful invention is that of photography, to be able to look back and see that undoubtedly, without any explanation or previous knowledge, we are made aware through these photos that the answer was ‘YES!’

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Shabnam and Tamim chose a spectacular location, complimented by a beautiful sunshine filled day for their pre-wedding shoot. Just like our couple, the beauty, elegance and artistry that is nature summed up in one word would be – Timeless. The vibrant greenery that you see displayed in these photos, has been captivating Toronto hearts since the parks’ opening in 1952. That’s nearly sixty-eight years ago! We hope this relationship lasts just as long, if not longer … fingers crossed! Other than being timeless, greenery is also very important to us because it signifies health, well-being and life. Greenery is the key to a sustainable environment. It is peace, tranquility and longevity. These are all the emotions we sought to capture, and all the good things we wish for our more than deserving couple.

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Also a highlight in this astonishing setting, are the crushed brick steps which part right in the center of the maple, willow and oak trees. This pathway is connected to a walking trail that leads to several entirely different parks and is conveniently opened all year round. Shabnam and Tamim can be seen in the above pictures with their foot firmly rested on the step, showing the world that they are more than ready to embark on this journey of love – looking absolutely fabulous while doing it, might we add. Dare we venture a little further and suggest that the parted trees represent the two lovebirds along with their family and loved ones, coming together to dwell in unity. It couldn’t be any more poetic if it was written in the stars! 

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We want to thank Shabnam and Tamim for choosing Bride’s Night Photography to assist in making lasting memories and being a part of something truly special. We strive to maintain a level of excellence that is only attainable through the satisfaction of our beautiful clients. Nothing is more gratifying than putting a smile on our bride and groom, knowing that we effectively did our job in executing their vision to perfection. 

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