Bayshta and Barmak Wedding!

Leaves are fully grown and reflecting dense green color, sun is scorching in the warm atmosphere, flowers have blossomed, finally summer is here and so do Toronto’s best wedding photographer Bride’s Night Photography with another wedding of couple Bayshta and Barmak.



One of the most loving couple, which Bride Night Photography has worked with. It was not even a feel of a work. Low saturated image take by wide angle lens with cool filter really gives a taste of frozen film.

Makeup artists are usually best all the time in making

The flawless skin, but Bride Night Photography takes care of skin retouching and skin smoothing along with the skin toning in the post production stages. Skin retouching is a “must element” in a wedding album just like a lens for camera. It was a bright and sunny wedding photoshoot in

Richmond-Green Park in Markham city spread an atmosphere of happiness and joy all over.

Grooming and transformation of Groom and Bride into Prince and Princess started in Delta Hotel Delta Hotel is one of the lavish hotels present in South Core neighborhood on Toronto. Toronto’s best attractions like CN tower,
Lake Ontario, Ripley’s Aquarium and many more are just at the front door of it.

It was a bright and sunny wedding photoshoot in Richmond-Green Park in Markham city, spread an atmosphere of happiness and joy all over.

Sometimes even a natural photo (Like above) gives a light of liveliness in it.

Tip of the day: Try using the flash while keeping you subject in the opposite side of direct sunlight, gives an amazing glowing effect to the picture. Try Experimenting!

One can still hear the sound of water as the stream is crippling down in this wonderful fountain,
making this frame, so real and alive. Wedding reception took place in the Scarborough
Convention Center in Multicultural hub Scarborough. Please check Bride’s Night Photography’s
Wedding Details blog for more details. Ring exchange, traditional costume along

with the soothing music from beautiful talented singers made this wonderful evening into a memory, which in turn made into everlasting frames of pictures by Toronto’s one and only Bride’s Night Photography. Bride’s Night Photography wishes Bayshta and Barmak 

“All the very best” for writing a new chapter in their life and may they will be blessed forever.

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Best Wedding Photographer.
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