Sonia And Hamid!

A big “Hello” to Toronto and fellow  from Bride Night Wedding photography. As summer is just a footstep away, be ready with a bunch of new blogs and some great shots that will leave the ever lasting print in your mind. Today we will be showcasing our recently conducted photoshoot of beautiful bride Sonia and dashingly handsome groom Hamid.

This great adventure began at Delta Hotel where Bride and Groom transformed themselves princess and prince with their amazing costumes, transitioned to Rockwood park in Guelph and eventually ended tying knot in Lejardin Banquet Hall.

Creative experts at Bride Night Photography specially created skin retouching filters to give the extra glow on bride and groom’s dashing face. Huge Backdrops and filters were taken onsite for giving lighting bounce and subtle effects in pictures. From Royal green hat of bride to her peacock feather studded flowers to her to be husband to gorgeous pocket square on his suit is taken care of in respective picture.

Bride Night Photography invites you witness the series of Sonia and Hamid’s most precious moments, whose essence will stay forever in these pictures.
Toronto-wedding-photo_32 Toronto-wedding-photo_33 Toronto-wedding-photo_34 Toronto-wedding-photo_35 Toronto-wedding-photo_26 Toronto-wedding-photo_27 Toronto-wedding-photo_28 Toronto-wedding-photo_29 Toronto-wedding-photo_30 Toronto-wedding-photo_31 Toronto-wedding-photo_6 Toronto-wedding-photo_7 Toronto-wedding-photo_8 Toronto-wedding-photo_9 Toronto-wedding-photo_10 Toronto-wedding-photo_11 Toronto-wedding-photo_12 Toronto-wedding-photo_13 Toronto-wedding-photo_14 Toronto-wedding-photo_15 Toronto-wedding-photo_16 Toronto-wedding-photo_17 Toronto-wedding-photo_18 Toronto-wedding-photo_19 Toronto-wedding-photo_20 Toronto-wedding-photo_21 Toronto-wedding-photo_22 Toronto-wedding-photo_23 Toronto-wedding-photo_24 Toronto-wedding-photo_25 Toronto-wedding-photo_5 Toronto-wedding-photo_3 Toronto-wedding-photo_2 Toronto-wedding-photo_4 Toronto-wedding-photo

Till next time keep clicking pictures and do what you love to do!