Natalie & Dan Wedding!

Wedding bells are ringing! A short frame of time, for that perfect opportunity, where a photographer translates unforgettable moments into a memory, by using his/her creative talent and art. Few megabytes of pictures don’t make a difference to your hard drive, but they play a huge part in your client’s life as, they can revisit their most memorable moments back and forth. Henceforth, a photographer has to take pictures with an utmost attention and passion, his/her work speaks in the end.

unforgettable moment

I will walk you through one such a wedding journey of Natalie and Dan of which I was a part of it as a photographer.
Have a look at some utterly delightful set of pictures showing different states of transition during a wedding.Bridesmaid photo First phase is called “The Bride’s House”. A photographer has to be well prepared, equipped and be on time. Photographer may take an assistant or two depends on how big is the photoshoot. Pictures taken here must depict a story of a bride including how wonderfully she has blossomed into a flower with her royal dress and her shining jewels giving an extra effect to the whole scene. A frame must also consist, Bridesmaids helping her in getting ready. A photographer should cheer up the audience present there at location for getting perfect pictures. A gorgeous beautiful bride is always an attention grabber in a photo album.Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photo Bridesmaid photoSimilarly from the Bride’s House, we go to second phase know as “The Groom’s House”. Depending upon the location, a photographer has to choose wide-angle lens and zoom lens in order to get everything into the picture. If shooting inside a house, a photographer must also use external flash to adjust the lighting conditions in the photo. A top to bottom, well-dressed groom steals the show of a photo album, from his tie, black shoes, to well design suit and an elegant watch that defines him.  Like Bride, pictures of Groom and his Best Man/Men have to have equal importance in the album.Groomsmen Photo!Groomsmen Photo! Groomsmen Photo! An awesome example showing “love”, creativity at its best!Groomsmen Photo! Groomsmen Photo! Groomsmen Photo! Groomsmen Photo! Groomsmen Photo! Groomsmen Photo!AR6_9074 Flowers illustrate the freshness of a new relationship that is going to happen and a scent of smell that will bring prosperity into their relationship in coming ages.  A picture of “Flower Bouquet” taken with telephoto zoom lens, blurring out everything else makes itself a place in memories.DSC_5575 The ring is the key ingredient to wedlock. It can be taken with 70-250mm lens with extra zoom and enhanced in Post Imaging software.
(keep this under bridegroom inside the church photo, below ring one)
Next station is “The Church”, where bride and groom take the vows and finally submerged themselves into a single bond of marriage. Right from bride and groom walking into the church to the wedding ceremony, to the royal kiss and meeting and greeting people, every moment counts. A photographer or assistant photographer may take similar pictures from various different angles or sides just to create a dynamic environment. DSC_5614 IMG_4710 IMG_4712 IMG_4716 IMG_4730 IMG_4731 IMG_4736 IMG_4765 IMG_4769 IMG_4778 IMG_4779 IMG_4792Next phase named “The Post Wedding Photoshoot” is most important phase of the journey with the perception from a wedding album. In the present wedding, which I conducted, I took the couple to a place called “District Distillery”. District Distillery is one of the historic place located in the heart of downtown Toronto, contains cafés, restaurants, and shops, is the perfect place for Post Wedding photoshoot. It adds a vintage flavor to the whole shoot. The resultant output of this photoshoot depicts pictures showing Bride and Groom showing endless love and affectionate towards each other that will count last like an endless ocean. A photographer has to sometimes show different poses to the couple to add the value to the picture.
In this photoshoot, a photographer may take different pictures with Bride’s Bridesmaids and Groom’s Best Men as per their fun. The resultant atmosphere should be full of fun and enjoyment. IMG_4959 IMG_4953 IMG_4933 IMG_4919 IMG_4911 IMG_4898 Nowadays photographers also use Post Imaging software to add elements like paper planes, balloons and others in the post processing of images just to make them liver. Sepia and Black and white effects are also the classics that will never go out of your client’s eye.
(keep this above couple photo in black and white inside a room, girl is holding flowers)
Last station is the “Party Night”, hosted by Bride and Groom, full of enjoyment and food. From couple cutting the cake, ballroom dancing, to the family photos, each event stands out on its own. A photographer must not forget to include all relatives in either of the pictures as everyone wants them to be in the picture!
(keep this under couple dancing)
And they lived happily ever after…IMG_4886 IMG_4868 IMG_4826 IMG_4822 IMG_4808 IMG_4800 IMG_4796 DSC_5870 DSC_5846 DSC_5763 DSC_5746 DSC_5739 DSC_5680 DSC_5665 DSC_5653 DSC_5635 DSC_5627 Amazing Lighting has done that creates a perfect lifetime memory!
AR6_9110DSC_5997 IMG_5051 IMG_5054IMG_5077 DSC_6086 DSC_6111 DSC_6153IMG_5296 IMG_5170 IMG_5167IMG_5025 IMG_4970 Please see my “Wedding Details” (link to wedding detail page) blog for capturing details in a Wedding.DSC_5934 DSC_5928 DSC_5920 DSC_5917 DSC_5906 DSC_5904 DSC_5903 AR6_9154 AR6_9149Thus, this was the epic wedding of Dan and Natalie, which is still alive in the form of these pictures!