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Headshots Portrait Photographer In Scarborough

Headshots Portrait Photographer In Scarborough

Are you looking for a professional headshot photographer in Toronto? If so, you’ll probably find that there are plenty of options to choose from. Many photographers specialize in headshots, and the majority will advertise their services online or in print advertisements. The tricky part is sifting through all those listings to find someone who has the experience, expertise, and an authentic passion for what they do. So how can you be sure that you’re getting the best possible photographer for your needs? Check out our guide on how to find the best professional headshot photographer in Toronto. You’ll learn about some important questions to ask yourself before scheduling an appointment as well as tips on what you should look for when meeting with prospective photographers at their studios.

Ask yourself some important questions

Before you dive into the nitty-gritty of what to look for in a photographer, first take a moment to ask yourself a few important questions. Doing so will help you narrow down your options and identify the qualities you’re looking for in a photographer based on your specific needs. – What kind of headshot do you need? – Headshots come in a variety of styles, and you need to be clear about which one you need for your specific situation. Are you looking for a corporate headshot for your LinkedIn profile? Or would you prefer a more casual, creative headshot for your acting portfolio? – Where will you use the headshot? – Depending on where you plan to use your headshot, you may want to choose a photographer with experience in that specific field. For example, if you want to use your headshot for your LinkedIn profile, you should consider a photographer who specializes in corporate headshots. – Budget – You don’t want to look cheap, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune on a headshot. The good news is that with a little research, you can find a photographer with a good reputation who works within your budget.

Look for credentials and samples

Once you’ve found a few photographers who seem to meet your needs, it’s time to look at their credentials and samples. Start by looking at their website to see if they have a “portfolio” section where they display their work. If they do, make sure to look through their entire portfolio — not just headshots. You want to see what the photographer’s style is like overall: what kinds of lighting they use, how they interact with clients, etc. Having these qualities and samples ensures that the photographer is ethically sound and knowledgeable in their field.

 Check out the photographer’s studio

While credentials are important, they don’t tell you a whole lot about the photographer’s studio. Will you be in a small, cramped room or a large studio with lots of natural light? Is there enough room for you to feel comfortable in front of the camera? Is the studio clean or  cluttered? These are all things that can affect your experience and the quality of your headshot. While you’re at the studio, be sure to ask about the photographer’s post-production process. Do they edit their photos in-house or outsource the editing to someone else? Depending on the photographer’s workflow, you may want to select someone who offers a post-production service that’s compatible with your specific needs.

Ask about turnaround time and pricing

Finally, it’s time to ask about the nitty-gritty. How much does the photographer charge? Are there any additional costs? How long will the turnaround be? These are all important things to consider and you can ask these questions directly when you meet with the photographer. If the photographer gives you a ballpark price range, ask if you can book an appointment at the lower end of the range. This will allow you to meet with the photographer and see their work firsthand before making a final decision. If you book at the lower end of the price bracket, the photographer is likely to want you to book a longer shoot to make up for the price difference. This is a good thing because it gives you a chance to see how the photographer works and whether you feel comfortable in the photographer’s studio.



Headshots are a great way to show off your personality and expertise cleanly and concisely. But finding the right photographer can be a challenge. That’s why we suggest you follow our guide for finding the best professional headshot photographer in Toronto. Before you start looking for photographers, make sure you ask yourself some important questions to identify what your needs are. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start looking for photographers by checking out their credentials, samples, and studios. Finally, be sure to ask about turnaround time and pricing so you can select a photographer who is a good fit for your needs.

Mo & Susan

Mo & Susan

Bride’s Night Wedding Photography-

Casa Loma!

Once upon a time, In Netherlands: How Mo met Susan   wedding photographer Toronto

How far are you willing to go for your future spouse? Well according to Mo, nothing short of a body of water and a few land masses to set the bar high for the grooms that follow. Mo met Susan during a trip she had taken to visit her sister and nephew. Mo was living in the Netherlands at the time and Susan was travelling from Canada. It was love at first sight for Mo after seeking advice from his future sister in law, he found himself in Guelph, Ontario seeking approval from the parental unit. After getting the thumbs up, Mo moved his entire family, two parents, two sisters and two brothers to Canada. Now that’s a love story!IMG 2960 IMG 2972 IMG 2981 IMG 2930 wedding photographer TorontoIMG 2718 IMG 2729

The couple had a big engagement party with around 250 guests, hosted at the Paradise Banquet Halls. Here’s a helpful tip for planning a wedding, make sure you know how many guests you’re going to have before booking the venue. This will save you from falling in love with an impractical space that won’t be able to accommodate. Enjoying this free advice? Alright, alright … one more! Ask your vendors for referrals. Your photographer has probably worked with a florist, a DJ, and few delicious bakeries #frostingfingers. If you’re in the business of discovering hidden gems than by all means continue the quest. However, if you just want a professional service to carry out your vision and relieve some of the stress … just ask.IMG 2998 IMG 3013 IMG 3035 Wedding-Photographer-Toronto

Insert Decor

Insert Catering

Insert Live Band

See how easy that was?

Let’s get back to our couple of the hour, Mo & Susan. Vows were exchanged at the Chateau Le Jardin, located in Vaughan, a popular destination for all things wedding. This venue is fully equipped with high ceilings, luxurious ballrooms and the most enchanting add-ons (insert fireplace and walk out courtyard). Creating stunning imagery alongside this body of artistic expression was a dream – of course without our bride and groom, we wouldn’t even be here so, a big shout out to them for choosing Bride’s Night Photography.IMG 3225 IMG 3245 IMG 3550 IMG 3557 IMG 3682 Wedding-Photographer-Toronto

Susan was easily captivating with her natural bridal glow, and just in case the glow were to wear off at any point … Makeup by Maryam was there to swoop in. Let’s face it, radiating from the inside out can grow tiresome, our bride deserves to be pampered and glammed up! IMG 1880 IMG 1878 IMG 1877 IMG 1875 IMG 1871 IMG 1870 IMG 1867 Wedding-Photographer-Toronto

Make no mistake, our couple may be new to the marriage thing but they are certainly not rookies when it comes to making photographic GOLD. Cinderella didn’t just leave her glass slipper on any old stair right? Well I’ll bet if that castle were anything like Casa Loma, she would’ve left a few more personal belongings to retrieve at a later date. Located in Midtown Toronto, Casa Loma is now a historic museum and landmark, created in 1914 as a residence for Sir Henry Pellatt, a wealthy financier. We love that our beautiful couple found inspiration here because this photo shoot was clearly right up their alley!IMG 1858 IMG 1843 IMG 1833 IMG 1826 IMG 1825 IMG 1820 IMG 1814Next stop, another great provider of breathtaking backdrops … Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. We can think of another couple photographed beneath the willow and oak and we’re not mad at either one! There is just something extra enchanting and surreal about this municipal park, dare we compare to The Secret Garden? Considering how many different spots can be used to transform this park into a picture perfect setting, we’d say Frances Burnett was inspired.IMG 1807 IMG 1804 IMG 1803 IMG 1800 IMG 1791 IMG 1783 IMG 1779 IMG 1777 Wedding-Photographer-TorontoCapturing important moments in time ensures that your memories are kept alive and can always be referenced. The whole 48 hours are filled with loved ones telling you how beautiful and exquisite and perfect and delicious and entertaining and oh let’s not forget about how love was in the air right and everyone could smell it? We know our bride and groom don’t always have time to take in the ambiance of it all, so we make sure to capture the experience in its fullness. Your vision reflected is our number one priority.IMG 1745 IMG 1740 wedding photographer Toronto IMG 1734 IMG 1714 IMG 1707 IMG 1699 IMG 1689We wish our beautiful couple Mo and Susan nothing but success and happiness going forward. You truly deserve it.

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Deeba & Massiah

Deeba & Massiah

Bride’s Night Wedding Photography- Toronto Wedding!

Deeba & Massiah

How did our featured couple meet?Toronto Wedding Photographer

The year was 2014 and Massiah knew it was fate. From the moment his eyes locked with Deeba, he knew there was something special about her. They were engaged that summer and two years later, Massiah was finally united with his gorgeous bride. It would seem that monumental moments happen in twos for this family because just two years after the nuptials, the couple received the ultimate gift – their handsome son Noah. Fast-forward five years, and Massiah’s instincts have not let him down. Five years full of romance and adventures, the couple is even more excited for the journey ahead and where it will take them next.

An Engagement party fit for Royalty

Bride’s Night Photography was thrilled to capture these intimate moments between Massiah and Deeba. The Crystal Fountain event venue was a beautiful setting for our latest love story, having been recently renovated and located just Northeast of Downtown Toronto in the city of Markham, Ontario. This royal venue is just as elegant and refined as its’ name suggests. Our goal is to create images that reflect just how special this day was, while maintaining the vision of our clients. We respect the amount of consideration that goes into not only planning, but also executing the big day. The beauty of photography is having memories that will last for a lifetime, in tangible form. Keep scrolling down to see more stunning images of our bride and groom.Wedding-Photographer-Toronto

The stairs are always a great place to take photos and a beautiful way to our couple – ascending into their future. Hand in Hand, Deeba and Massiah are looking fearless and making bold statements regarding their fashion AND their future.  We love that we were able to successfully capture the vibrant colors and elegant patterns.

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Where did the couple finally say their ‘I Do’s’ you may ask? None other than Toronto’s number one hotspot for all things art, culture and entertainment (and of course dream weddings): The Distillery District. This venue location gives you a feel of old Toronto, with its Heritage buildings, cobblestone streets and brick walls… intertwined with modern finishing. Fun Fact: Toronto’s annual Christmas Market takes place here, for anyone interested in December weddings and Winter Wonderland vibes. Deeba and Massiah clearly didn’t need nature’s help in completing this fairytale, as you can see from the stunning shots below. Our diva bride Deeba is nothing short of a vision in her ivory couture.Bride Night Photo 0 Wedding-Photographer-TorontoAnd how about those red accents on the bouquet? Gorgeous right? We agree! It wasn’t difficult creating and capturing art with this breathtaking couple serving as inspiration. The love between them is so apparent that the poses just came naturally. Their favorite moments of the day were the pre-nuptial ones, when they had a minute to gaze into each other’s eyes and utter vow-like sentiments and promises of forever.Wedding-Photographer-Toronto Bride Night Photo 14 Bride Night Photo Bride Night Photo 7 Wedding-Photographer-TorontoWe weren’t kidding about this venue! What could be a better backdrop than L-O-V-E spelled out in brick, trucks from the early 1900s and vintage barrels of brew? Absolutely nothing. We were sure to make use of this beautiful freestanding red heart structure that makes for some very satisfying shots. It was a great place to capture the bride being surrounded by her bridesmaids, a beautiful group of strong, supportive women. The responsibility of assisting the bride on her most important day can be an overwhelming task, but these ladies were more than up for the job and we salute them!Bride Night Photo 3 Bride Night Photo 12 Bride Night Photo 1 Wedding-Photographer-Toronto Wedding-Photographer-Toronto Bride Night Photo 13 a

In the words of the great T. Tolis ‘to love is nothing, to be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.’Thank you Deeba and Massiah for choosing Bride’s Night Photography to capture this epic love affair, and the beginning of your happily ever after. We are dedicated to making sure that the vision you’ve worked so hard to create is effectively translated through our final edits. Book Now to reserve your dates or contact us for more information!



Pakistani/Indian Mehandi is a form of Body art!

Pakistani/Indian Mehandi is a form of Body art!

The Mehndi (Henna) Party Photography

Pakistani Mehandi

Our Indian Wedding likewise incorporates inclusion of the Mehndi Party. Indian Photographer in Scarborough,Ontario cherish these occasions since it enables us to become more acquainted with the lady of the hour’s family. They are likewise brimming with extraordinary real minutes, as loved ones assemble to eat, make up for lost time, and prepare their Mehndi for the huge wedding day! Look at a portion of our preferred henna specialists here!

Toronto Bride and Groom Mehndi, also called henna, is a glue related with positive spirits and good karma. Indian Wedding custom requires a Mehndi service to be held the night prior to the wedding as a method for wishing the lady of the hour great well being and success as she makes her adventure on to marriage. The Mehndi Ceremony is sorted out by the Bride’s family uniting the female parts of each side. Indian Photographer in Scarborough,Ontario Become familiar with the different conventions of the Mehndi Ceremony here.21 Bride night image

A Mehndi Artist is welcome to make structures for the Bride and her visitors. Generally, Indian Vedic Mehndi plans were applied to the Bride; these days Brides call motivation from Indo-Arabic and Arabic structures to decorate their hands and feet.19 Bride night image

Make up

This Indian lady of the hour killed the entire look with unpretentious eye shadow and a cheeky red lipstick with a conventional mathapatti Makeup.18 Bride night image

While her outfit previously grabbed our eye, we’d state the feature of the look is unquestionably the coordinating lipstick that compliments her clothing can never turn out badly with berry red and gold! Indeed, it’s a great blend all things considered.15 Bride night image

Can’t resist the urge to begin to look all starry eyed at! An enormous piece of our prosperity with Indian Wedding Photography has been our capacity to catch the majority of the energetic hues with our different systems. We don’t do too much “Vintage Fades” or other desaturated handling procedures except if the scene and picture calls for it. Rather, for most of our photography, we apply systems to draw out the hues to catch the majority of the dynamic range in the scene. From HDR photographic methods to cutting edge streak photography, we utilize the majority of the assets, instruments, and learning we have developed throughout the years to catch the majority of the stunning activity, hues, and feelings at your Indian Wedding.14 Bride night imageContemporary Wedding Gold Gems Set Jwellery!

After you have finished your fantasy lehenga, it’s about time you pick your marriage jewellery as well. While pieces of jewelry and hoops are the fundamental gems things of your marriage troupe, let’s not overlook how significant mathapattis are! All things considered, they direct your marriage haircut and cosmetics as well.12 Bride night image


In this way, climate you are a lady who lean towards bling over insignificant or needs to take a flower course with her mathapatti, here’s colloquialism, go with your own style. This delightful Kundan choker and coordinating studs are absolutely capturing everyone’s attention of these marriage looks! The minor pearls and pink stones connected to this adornments set just make it progressively appealing!10 Bride night image

Cultural Lively Colors in Indian Wedding Photography!

An enormous piece of our prosperity with Indian Wedding style has been our capacity to catch the majority of the energetic hues with our different systems. We don’t do too much “Vintage Fades” or other desaturated handling procedures except if the scene and picture calls for it. Rather, for most of our photography, we apply systems to draw out the hues to catch the majority of the dynamic range in the scene.9 Bride night image

 HDR photographic methods to cutting edge streak photography, we utilize the majority of the assets, instruments, and learning we have developed throughout the years to catch the majority of the stunning activity, hues, and feelings at your Indian Wedding.7 Bride night image

An announcement Mathapatti with Chandtikka:

Everything about this wedding look shouts moderation! While she, as well, settled on an exemplary combo of gold and red however rather it’s a classical gold, offset with a serious shade of red. Since the day we shot this wedding, we can’t quit slobbering over this rich artful culmination . An ageless great, this one consummately suits Indian Brides – crosswise over seasons, skin tones and body types. The straightforward choli supplements the intensely weaved lehenga skirt and dupatta. As shading, red never disillusions and consistently hangs out in photos. Our exquisite lady of the hour, Sanya, looked ravishing in this lehenga!6 Bride night image

Can’t resist the urge to begin to look all starry eyed at! Everything about this wedding look shouts moderation! While she, as well, settled on an exemplary combo of gold and red however rather it’s a classical gold, offset with a serious shade of red.

Bride’s night wedding photography!

We are one of the leaders with regards to premium wedding photography, with unique mastery in real to life wedding photography. As a group of experienced experts with experience, we have served over 100+ customers and secured the same number of weddings over the length and broadness of the nation. From littler towns to huge metropolitan urban communities, from relaxed undertakings to gigantic Indian weddings – we spread them all.5 Bride night image

At The Wedding Shades, Naseer and his Team know how significant your wedding is to you and how extremely valuable those recollections are, in this manner.

Bride’s night wedding photography! generally endeavor draw out our best by tailor-production our administrations, that incorporates Pre- Wedding Photoshoot, Save the date Photo session, Engagement Photoshoot, Candid/Traditional Wedding Photography, Destination Wedding Photoshoot, Traditional HD Video, Cinematic Wedding Video, Retouching and Album Printing. Thus, get us ready for your wedding and pre-wedding celebrations and let us make your wonderful day keep going for a lifetime as extremely valuable recollections.4 Bride night image

 Indian Marriage Hindu Traditions and Ceremonies Followed and Famous in Countries Like Guyana, Trinidad and Canada

The hallowed Hindu traditions and ceremonies were saved by numerous Guyanese and Trinidad. Through their inclusion in for Indian music and are both all-around prepared in Hindustani Classical music. Guyana, although located in South America, has a strong Indian influence into their wedding day.2 Bride night image

Like all couples, we needed the best wedding ever. Nasser with Team were resolved to have a wedding never observed that would be all the rage. We realized the wedding must be based around our enthusiasm for music yet we realize we required something more to make it terrific. We understood what we needed was an illustrious wedding. Indian-Caribbean wedding paid homage to the couple’s heritage and entirely reflected the bride and groom personalities. The intricate rituals, blessings, and festivities of the union. Indian-Caribbean wedding paid homage to the couple’s heritage and entirely reflected the bride and groom personalities. The intricate rituals, blessings, and festivities of the union.Our objective was to make a cutting edge wedding for a King and Queen. From our outfits to our scenes to our stylistic layout and passages, everything needed to have a regal impression. Gold was our element shading that we used to feature the regal look.3 Bride night image





The Gorgeous couple!

The Gorgeous couple!

Shabnam and Tamim:

Meet this beautiful couple, the stunning bride Shabnam and the handsome groom Tamim. After many years of being together, Shabnam and Tamim decided to say ‘I Do’ with a lavish celebration filled with family and friends on July 27th, 2018. This Toronto love story couldn’t be any more ideal, from the big city wedding to the gorgeous weather and location – and of course, Toronto’s top wedding photographer.

Toronto wedding photographer 222

These undeniably breathtaking photos are from the couple’s pre-wedding shoot, photographed at the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. This park is a staple of the community, legacy and heritage of our wonderful city of Toronto. The park was named in honor of Alexander Muir (1933), who composed the song ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’. This song is often viewed as a love song to Canada, almost as important as the national anthem itself! How fitting that our bride and groom celebrate their upcoming nuptials in a place that was founded on love and unity. Post photo session, it seems only fair that we petition city hall to include our lovebirds in this historical landmark. We hope to eventually see a ‘Tamim & Shabnam Forever’ decorative sign beside the entrance … we’ll keep you posted.

Scarborough photographer 29

Did we also mention how gorgeous the bride looks? Not that her already sensational features needed much assistance, but translating this beauty on camera requires a special kind of finesse, by way of cosmetic brush. Enter Makeup by Maryam, whose phenomenal work allowed us to capture the beauty and radiance that is Shabnam. There is nothing more transparent than a confident bride who is in love with not only her groom, but also herself. We are thrilled our bride was able to let loose in this photo shoot, despite the overwhelming stress that can be attached to tying the knot. From the hair and makeup, to the sleek black dress, piping hot white jumpsuit and bedazzled shoes, Shabnam gets 5 out of 5 stars!

Scarborough photographer 28

We even love that the couple is channeling their inner Allie and Noah, resembling the iconic ‘If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird’ scene from The Notebook.  Of course, our couple is much more chic and dressed to impress – which our groom, Tamim is clearly dominating the navy blue suit trend. Not only is blue the color of the sky and various majestic bodies of water, but it symbolizes a generational shift in tradition that is to be celebrated. It is a bold, fearless and undeniable statement of modernity, progression and fashion – it allows for the groom to have his own shine!

Scarborough photographer 27

Finding ways to compliment this couple is a walk in the park, Alexander Muir style to be exact – which previously mentioned, is a beautiful historical Toronto landmark that is just one of the many places that makes being a top wedding photographer in the city of Toronto all the more worthwhile.  In photography, location often serves as inspiration and can be the key element in transforming your photos into an extraordinary vision. All these things are true in wedding photography as well, with the added bonus of the expression of love, being conveyed through each individual couple in their own unique way.

Scarborough photographer 26

It is the responsibility of the photographer to capture this expression, ensuring that these images remain true and genuine for our couple. For example, maybe the couple had their first date at this very location. Was this place associated with a fond memory or tender moment that holds a deeper meaning for our couple? Could this be the spot where the bride actually uttered those illustrious three-letter, two syllable words? Whether or not the location has a history behind it, it will always and forever be commemorative for the couple because this is the destination they chose. They chose to start their wedding journey here, to look back and see what transpired after one brave soul got down on bended knee and asked their unsuspecting yet completely enamored counterpart ‘will you marry me?’ What a wonderful invention is that of photography, to be able to look back and see that undoubtedly, without any explanation or previous knowledge, we are made aware through these photos that the answer was ‘YES!’

Scarborough photographer 25

Shabnam and Tamim chose a spectacular location, complimented by a beautiful sunshine filled day for their pre-wedding shoot. Just like our couple, the beauty, elegance and artistry that is nature summed up in one word would be – Timeless. The vibrant greenery that you see displayed in these photos, has been captivating Toronto hearts since the parks’ opening in 1952. That’s nearly sixty-eight years ago! We hope this relationship lasts just as long, if not longer … fingers crossed! Other than being timeless, greenery is also very important to us because it signifies health, well-being and life. Greenery is the key to a sustainable environment. It is peace, tranquility and longevity. These are all the emotions we sought to capture, and all the good things we wish for our more than deserving couple.

Scarborough photographer 24

Also a highlight in this astonishing setting, are the crushed brick steps which part right in the center of the maple, willow and oak trees. This pathway is connected to a walking trail that leads to several entirely different parks and is conveniently opened all year round. Shabnam and Tamim can be seen in the above pictures with their foot firmly rested on the step, showing the world that they are more than ready to embark on this journey of love – looking absolutely fabulous while doing it, might we add. Dare we venture a little further and suggest that the parted trees represent the two lovebirds along with their family and loved ones, coming together to dwell in unity. It couldn’t be any more poetic if it was written in the stars! 

Scarborough photographer 23

We want to thank Shabnam and Tamim for choosing Bride’s Night Photography to assist in making lasting memories and being a part of something truly special. We strive to maintain a level of excellence that is only attainable through the satisfaction of our beautiful clients. Nothing is more gratifying than putting a smile on our bride and groom, knowing that we effectively did our job in executing their vision to perfection. 

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